About us

This family business was founded by father Dariusz.

With our craftsmanship and experience we guarantee an accurate execution of our assignments.

The value of our company and products is therefore directly proportional to the quality of our employees.

One of the strengths of this construction company is the fact that they can adapt to the wishes of the customer. Moreover, it is possible to provide extra service if necessary.

A solid price-quality ratio is of paramount importance to Slubowski.
This, combined with an extensive knowledge of new materials and construction techniques, ensures a wonderful result.

The manager always accompanies you on the site so that you can be sure of a correct and qualitative execution of the work. We are always motivated and take on any challenge, we take over your concerns from start to finish with good service and honesty after the to work.

Bouwwerken Slubowski is active in the various segments of the construction business, such as houses, apartments, villas, as well as renovations and restorations.

A team of skilled people, with care and love for craftsmanship, will ensure a solid finish: painting outside, painting and wallpapering inside, plastering, floor coverings such as tiles and laminate.

We are known for our solid work, our clean yards and the neat finish with traditional quality materials.

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